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Five decades of cultivating valuable traditions and a superior management philosophy

From 1952

1952 Apr. Founded Nihon Denkai Seisakusho.Commenced production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
1953 Mar.
Changed the company name to Shin-Ei Tsushin Kogyo.
Apr. Opened Tokyo Branch. Established Rubycon trademark.
1954 Feb. Changed the company name to Shin-Ei Tsushin Kogyo Inc.
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From 1960

1960 Nov. Established Shin-Ei Electronics Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
1961 Aug.
Constructed etching formation factory.
1963 Jul. Opened Osaka Branch. (Osaka)
Oct. Established Shin-Ei Kikai Seisakusho Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
1967 Mar. Opened Torio Senden Zoto Yohin Inc.(Nagano Pref.)
1969 Jul.
Opened Nagoya Sales Office. (Nagoya City)
Nov. Established Minowa Shin-Ei Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
Feb. Established Kiso Shin-Ei Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
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From 1970

1970 Aug. Commenced full-scale production of aluminum foil etching and formation process
1972 Feb. Established Rubycon Singapore Pte.,Ltd. (Singapore)
Sep. Established HAN KUK SHIN YEONG Co.,Ltd. (Republic of Korea)
1973 Sep. Established Shin-Ei Capacitor Foil Inc.(S.C.F) (Nagano Pref.)
Oct. Established Sho-Ei Sangyo Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
1974 Jan. Established Niigata Shin-Ei Inc. (Niigata Pref.)
1978 May Established Tohoku Shin-Ei Inc. (Fukushima Pref.)
Jun. Established Shin-Ei Shoji L.L.C. (Nagano Pref.)
1979 Apr. Went Nishikoma Factory Second Manufacturing Section into operation.
Jun. Established Rubycon America Inc. (U.S.A.)
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From 1980

1982 Feb.
Opened Kyushu Sales Office. (Fukuoka Pref.)
Feb. Opened Hong Kong Branch. (Hong Kong)
Jun. First Manufacturing Section in the Headquarters’ Factory went into operation.
1984 Feb. Established Akita Shin-Ei Inc. (Akita Pref.)
1985 Apr. Opened Hiroshima Sales Office. (Hiroshima Pref.)
Changed the company name from Minowa Shin-Ei Inc. to Seibu Shin-Ei Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
1986 May Opened Kyoto Sales Office. (Kyoto)
Jul. Opened Taiwan Branch. (Taiwan)
1987 Mar. Opened Kanagawa Sales Office. (Kanagawa Pref.)
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From 1990

1990 Jan. Opened Mito Sales Office. (Ibaraki Pref.)
Dec. Changed the company name to Rubycon Corporation together with each group company.
Transferred headquarters to Nishi-Minowa, Ina City, Nagano Pref.
1991 Feb. Opened Tohoku Sales Office. (Miyagi Pref.)
Mar. Opened Ina Prince Hotel Inc. (Nagano Pref.)
1994 Jul.
Established P.T.Rubycon Indonesia. (Indonesia)
1998 Jun. Opened Tonouchi Clock Museum. (Nagano Pref.)
1999 Jan. Opened Rubycon Singapore Pte.,Ltd Malaysia Branch. (Malaysia)
Nov. Opened P.T.Rubycon Indonesia Jakarta Branch. (Indonesia)
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From 2000

2001 Apr. Opened HAN KUK SHIN YEONG Co.,Ltd. Korea Representative Office. (Korea)
2002 Apr. 50th anniversary of the company’s foundation.
Opened Rubycon America Inc. San Jose Representative Office. (U.S.)
Completed Rubycon Corporation Technical Center. (Nagano Pref.)
Established Rubycon International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)
May Opened Representative Office Munich. (Germany)
Oct. Established Rubycon International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (The Peoples Republic of China)
2003 Apr. Opened Netherlands Branch. (Netherlands)
2004 Feb. Opened Rubycon Corporation Shenzhen Representative Office. (The Peoples Republic of China)
Completed construction of the Electronic Equipment Sales Division’s Administrative Design Office Building. (Nagano Pref.)
2005 Jan. Transferred HAN KUK SHIN YOENG Co., Ltd. Head Office to Seoul.
Opened HAN KUK SHIN YOENG Co.,Ltd. Gumi Branch (The Republic Korea)
Jul. Established Rubycon Carlit Co., Ltd. (Gunma Pref.)
2006 Jan. Transferred Rubycon Carlit Co., Ltd to Ina City, Nagano Pref.
Apr. PML Division moved to Rubycon Electronics Inc. and the manufacture of PMLCAP® started.
Sep. Name of Korea Shin-Ei Inc. changed to Rubycon Korea Co., Ltd. (Korea)
2009 Oct. Established P.T.Rubycon Indonesia LB Factory (Indonesia)
2010 Oct. Established P.T.Rubycon Indonesia XW Factory (Indonesia)
Dec. Established Akita Rubycon Inc. Daisen Factory (Akita Pref)
2011 Apr. Opened Rubycon International (Shenghai) Co.,Ltd. Beijing Branch (The Peoples Republic of China)
May Opened Rubycon Singapore Pte.,Ltd India Liaison Office (The Republic of India)
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