About Rubycon

Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Trade name Rubycon Corporation
Established April 28,1952
Headquarters 1938-1 Nishi-Minowa, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
President & C.E.O Itsuaki Tonouchi
Capital 396,000,000yen(Capital of Rubycon Group 5.5 billion yen)
Employees 682 (Employees of Rubycon Group 3,000)
Sales Figures Fiscal year 2017-09 48.3 Mrd. JPY
(We have changed the accounting method to offset sales of material to the affiliated companies from FY2017.)

Main Business

  • Production and sales of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Other capacitor manufacture and sales
  • Development, design, manufacture and sales of switching power supply units.

Executive officers

President and C.E.O Itsuaki Tonouchi
Executive Vice President Koichi Sato
Managing Director Osamu Yokozawa
Managing Director Akihiko komatsu
Director Tetsuya Ueno
Director (Outside Director) Youji Hasegawa
Standing Auditor Yoshiharu Hirasawa
Auditor Kazuo Hino
Corporate Officer Yoshiyuki Kasuga
Corporate Officer Shigemi Kobayashi
Corporate Officer Hideo Shiozawa
Corporate Officer Susumu Sakai
Corporate Officer Hiroaki Akahane
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1938-1, Nishi-Minowa Ina City, Nagano 399-4593 Japan TEL:0265-72-7111 FAX:0265-73-2914