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PMLCAP Goes To Mars With "InSight"



  Rubycon's PMLCAP is adopted as a seismometer designed at Oxford University and goes to Mars on the probe "InSight".
  PMLCAP is a surface mount type film capacitor that realized significant downsizing compared with conventional film capacitors by adopting innovative technology of forming electrodes and dielectrics by vacuum evaporation. PMLCAP has excellent frequency characteristics and temperature characteristics.
  This seismometer includes PMLACP manufactured by Rubycon / Rubycon Electronics inc. [16V 10µF], [16V 22µF], [16V 4.7µF], [16V 6.8µF], [25V 1µF], [25V 0.15µF], [50V 0.33µF]and [63V 0.01µF] were mounted in total of 32 pcs (8types)
  Launched: May. 5, 2018 From Earth.
  Landing: Nov. 26, 2018  Landing Site: Elysium Planitia, Mars
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