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Aluminium Polymer Elektrolyt Kondensatoren(PZ-CAP) Fragen &Antworten

What technique is used for realizing high working voltage?
We have established our original polymerization method and manufacturing process.
See Technical Notes for the detail.
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Which is the failure mode of the capacitor?
It is open mode.
However if excessive voltage, excessive ripple current or reverse voltage is applied to the capacitor, the capacitor may short-circuit. It is the same as for non-solid electrolytic capacitor.
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Is voltage derating necessary?
It is no need of voltage derating for PZ-CAP.
You can apply up to the rated voltage within the specified condition.
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How long is the life of PZ-CAP?
The life of PZ-CAP depends on operating temperature and heating with ripple current.
Some item is different from the electrolyte type of life estimation.
Please consult us for the detail.
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